In general we repair a wide variety of printed circuit boards and other electronic equipment. We are specialized in industrial and medical electronics. Here is a sample of what we usually repair.

  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Industrial Electronic equipment
  • o Industrial Automation Controls & other equipment
    o Servo/Motor Drivers
    o Food Production equipment
    o Packaging equipment
    o Printing equipment
    o Robotic equipment
    o AC/AC, AC/DC, DC/AC Drives
    o PLCs
    o Controllers, ECG/ECK, Spindle and Temperature equipment
    o As well as other industrial and manufacturing electronics...

  • Medical Electronic equipment
  • o Dental equipment
    o MRI/CT equipment
    o Medical imaging equipment
    o Ultra-sound equipment
    o XRay equipment
    o Other medical equipment...

  • Communication Devices
  • Other Electronic equipment
  • o Power Supplies
    o Touch Screen Monitors
    o Water and Surge Damaged equipment
    o Simply contact us for any equipment not listed here.

  • Brands we usually repair

  • For a free estimate contact us or call us - 205-320-0110 - today!