Frequently Asked Questions

How do you repair boards without schematics?

We troubleshoot to component level using industry standard testing equipment. We use the test equipment to look for 'electronic signatures' from familiar components to ascertain the component's condition. If we suspect the component to be faulty, it will be replaced. We continue through the board until all components have been tested.

Keep in mind that we have been in this industry for many years and often know exactly what to look for when we see a board come in to the shop based on previous experience.

With complete assemblies like motor drives and PLCs, after we have replaced faulty components, we will test again and then apply power and run the device through a series of power tests until we are satisfied that the device is in perfect working order.

Do you quote prices over the phone or email?

Ballpark only. It has always been our policy not to quote over the phone. This is because every repair is different even on similar electronic assemblies.

Since we repair to component level and charge for the actual work performed, until we see an item there is no way that we can 'guestimate' a cost to the customer.

You can be assured that your cost will be less than the published prices in several competitors expensive catalogs. That is because they have to publish a 'worst case' price to cover all repairs of a particular board. This means that you pay the same amount for a set of transistor blocks or a simple fuse.

How do I get my repair to you?

If you live outside of our general area, package your item carefully in packaging suitable for the size and weight of the item.

Click on either FedEx or UPS to calculate the shipping cost - use ZIP 21050 as a destination. We are not a residential address like various competitors.

UPS and FedEx will accept packages that weigh well over 100lbs and have special rates for heavier packages. We also use Yellow Freight for the really big stuff.

Make sure that you print out the service authorization form shown above, fill out as much as you can and attach it to the repair. Also, if you have schematics, throw them in there too. Refer to our 'Sending it in' page.

Can I drop off an item at your facility?

Certainly although we would be happy to come to you if you are reasonably local. Make sure you use the service entrance which as you look at our building from the street is the door on the left. Remember we close at 4:30PM. Please see our directions page so that you actually make it to our facility.

Do you charge for estimates?

Generally no. The exceptions to this are rush jobs (see below) motor drives (although not all drives) and other items that may need excessive labor time just to estimate. We will not commence work on any assembly until the customer has been advised of any estimating cost.

What about 'rush' jobs?

All rush jobs will incur an estimating fee simply because we have to bump someone else's project that has been approved in order to handle the rush item. Usually we can give you an accurate fee to estimate up front.

What if you find nothing wrong with my item?

If we are able to test every component on your board and are unable to find problems with the unit, you will be assessed a verification charge. This is because it takes a technician longer to troubleshoot a functioning board than it does to find problems with a board that is malfunctioning. Think about it. In most cases, a second technician will also troubleshoot the properly functioning board. This takes time.

We will not charge a verification fee if there are components that can't be tested.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

What is your warranty on repairs?

Our warranty is for 1 year on all labor and materials. Please refer to our warranty page.